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Dr. Denise E. Hall (Psy.D.) CCC, CVRP-F
Occupational Health Specialist and Vocational Consultant

Dr. Denise Hall

“When I let go of what I am I become what I might be” – Lao Tzu

Dragonfly Psychology Services is transforming

There is a saying that “change is inevitable” and another one from the Buddhist tradition that says: “life is impermanent”. In that vein, Dragonfly Psychology Services is transforming; after seven years of providing psychotherapy as an occupational health specialist, I have transitioned into a different area of work, occupational health consulting, primarily performing medical-legal vocational assessments. My website for Raven Work Health and Vocational Consulting provides details of my services in this area.

Dragonfly Psychology Services is now a vehicle for my articles covering psychological topics such as worry, perfectionism, and “what is therapy and PTSD”. I invite you to review the Dragonfly site for points of interest. I intend to write more articles for the site and compile all the articles in a book with the provisional title of Dragonfly Wisdom: A Collection. Now that I have put this on paper it becomes a stronger call to get down to work on my new book. I love writing and the challenge is now making the time for practice. I hope you enjoy the new format thanks to my web designer Jaden Nyberg.

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