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Empowerment 101-Exploring Boundaries

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Boundaries are different in each culture. Individualistic societies tend to set boundaries individually and collectivist societies set boundaries around the group or family. Personal and social distance is different in cultures as is eye contact and other nonverbal expressions. Some European and Latin cultures are more comfortable with closer proximity to others where British and American cultures are comfortable with more distance. Gender also is a significant factor in boundaries. Women tend to set different boundaries with their children, close friends, and family than they do with men. Fast track change – taking your power back, calming anxiety Become aware of your feelings- your feelings are your best gauge of inappropriate boundaries.   Keep a journal of your progress. Write about your feelings, thoughts, and successes.   Notice (and record) the following: who, what, where and how of boundaries. Is it friends, family, or work relationships? Is it when you are tired or vulnerable, at home, when you are out, men or women? Accessing Personal Power-Setting Appropriate Boundaries ‘When I let go of what I am I become what I might be” – Lao Tzu Dragonfly Secret #7: Powerlessness is an illusion For many people the belief that they are powerless to change their life is an illusion or mistaken belief that is embedded deep in their mind, it is largely unconscious, and it, essentially, governs the way they live. Feeling out of control of your body, your mind and your emotions causes anxiety and fear. The fear is largely for our own safety, physical, spiritual, sexual, and emotional. Becoming aware of your personal boundaries and setting appropriate limits is one very important way to calm your anxiety and take your lost power back. Setting appropriate boundaries is also an act of self-protection and ultimately an act of SELF-CARE. Nurturing and caring for yourself sounds like an easy task to accomplish however we have many competing tasks to take care of and self-care becomes an after-thought. Questions to consider Have you felt, at times and in some situations, that life controls you, you do not control life? What happens when you feel angry or uncomfortable with someone? Have you said yes when you really want to say no? Are...

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