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              Do you have any of these symptoms? If you have any of the following you might have post traumatic symptoms or qualify for a diagnosis or PTSD: nightmares and sleep disruption, not feeling safe or have a general feeling of unease in your surroundings or body, have panic attacks, unable to concentrate on reading material, work activities or household tasks, over the top anger and strong responses to minor things avoid certain places and people, isolate and are very uncomfortable with groups of people, anxiety about even minor life tasks is very high, an unreasonable fear of authority figures, the police or institutions, an exaggerated response to loud noises If you think that you have not experienced a potential traumatizing event, surprisingly most people have had at least one traumatic event in their life whether it is witnessing one or being in a car accident, breaking a bone in an accident or in a sports activity or losing a family member (estimated 70% in the US). Trauma is as old as humanity, however the field of Traumatology is relatively young with its origins in the 1990’s. The study and treatment of trauma incorporates biological, social, psychological, economic and political factors. Trauma is an exceedingly complex subject and my intention in this article is providing important information about Trauma and PTSD for my clients, colleagues, and readers. Understanding trauma and the profound affects it has on individuals and communities is essential in providing the resources for those people struggling with the effects. Background   During my Masters training in Chicago I was introduced to Dr. Colin Ross’ work, a Canadian born and trained psychiatrist, whose book The Trauma Model (2006) profoundly influenced my practice and my understanding of trauma and psychological disorders. Dr. Ross suggests that trauma is usually the factor underlying most mental illness diagnoses and that using this model helps in dealing with the issue of co-morbidity. The Colin A. Ross Institute ( contracts with psychiatric facilities in Texas, Michigan and California providing treatment for psychiatric disorders.   Another of my instructors in trauma work is Dr. Bessel van der Kolk whose work at the Trauma Institute ( in Brookline MA...

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