HOW DO WE RECOVER FROM CHALLENGING EXPERIENCES? By Denise Hall Psy.D. CCC.RRP. This has been quite a tumultuous time so far! How do we process change and uncertainty, change that affects routines, threatens our work and financial security, and significantly alters our relationships with others? For some, [...]


Pay COD for misoprostol without prescription What we thought we knew about the brain is shifting rapidly because of the research of the past 10 years. Daniel Siegel (2008), Allan Schore (2009), and others have gathered recent neurobiological research, interpreted it, [...]

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Thera-splaining Therapy: What it is and What it is Not

This blog post is meant to unravel the puzzle that is therapy. In the past therapy was considered only for people with serious mental health issues. Therapy has become much more accepted as a way [...]

Expressing Anger Constructively: A stress management tool

Expressing anger in a constructive way is challenging and in many situations almost impossible. First we need to locate the source of our anger then determine whether we actually are angry with others or ourselves. [...]

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