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Communication Skills

Communication is at the core of all relationships and something that most people find that they could benefit from refreshing and developing more advanced skills. Knowing what to say when is important and not expressing feelings can build resentment and even effect peoples’ physical well being. Good communication involves an understanding of oneself and interpersonal relationships, and skill development.

I use various methods of helping people improve their communication skills including helping them get clearer about heir feelings; examining how they learned how to communicate the way they do; developing awareness of how their thoughts influence the way they speak; and training them in conflict resolution and assertive communication skills.

Kelly Bryson (2004) in his book “Don’t Be Nice Be Real : Balancing passion for self with compassion for others clearly provides an excellent model for non violent communication that does not abandon the self and seeks to develop more meaningful relationships with others.

He suggests that being nice and not saying what is on your mind breeds resentment and is destructive to relationships. The fear is that if we are truthful the other will abandon us. However not speaking up causes anger and resentment, and trouble in relationships.

Relationships with others work best when there is mutual respect and compassion, and communication skills are the cornerstone in the mix. I have over 25 years of communication skills training with clients and professionals and can help you communicate better inter-personally.

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