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Healing Trauma

It is difficult to live life without having experienced trauma; whether through a car accident, loss of a loved one, witnessing another person being traumatized, being physically, emotionally or sexually abused or being physically or psychologically injured at work or in the community.

Colin Ross (2000) in his book the Trauma Model maintains that trauma is at the root of most mental illnesses and addictions. These conditions are created when people learn to survive through the trauma in their lives and are ways of coping with extraordinary experiences. Sometimes the result of trauma is that people develop Post Traumatic Stress disorder which symptoms include: “a re-experiencing of the original event in dreams, thoughts, memories, or ‘flashbacks’; avoidance of situations or activities that trigger strong emotions; reduced responsiveness and detachment from others; hyper-vigilance and heightened arousal and guilt feelings. Clients with this disorder “startle easily, they can have sleep disturbances, poor concentration, and be quite irritable “(Hall, 2010).

The important information about trauma is that it is complex and that it can devastate one’s life and make it unmanageable or it can emerge as an underlying issue that resurfaces from time to time and impairs relationships, work performance, sleep and life satisfaction etc.

I have extensive experience and training in dealing with trauma and use methods such as psychotherapy, education, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Clinical Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Body Psychotherapy, evidence-based approaches that heal trauma. These approaches work with brain chemistry to rewire negative patterns and alleviate stress disorders. Coming to grips with the trauma one has experienced is a courageous and challenging act and it is usually life changing. I will be there to help you through the healing process and offer compassion and support for your journey of recovery.

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