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Integrative Therapy

Integrative psychotherapy or Integrative therapy is a style of counseling/therapy that combines various therapies and psychological theories of human behavior. It is an approach that is flexible and dynamic and recognizes that no one theory will completely explain human behavior. It seeks also to combine approaches that will provide the best match for the client’s needs.

Most therapists are trained in a number of approaches although sometimes they have a preference for a particular approach such as cognitive/behavioral or psychodynamic. My preference is an integrative (sometimes called eclectic) approach that uses my background of Adlerian therapy, Intergenerational, Narrative and Solution-focused Family therapy, Clinical Hypnosis, Cognitive/Behavioral, Transpersonal, and Bio-field therapies.

Integrative therapy also is an approach that is holistic in that it connects all parts of an individual; cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Sometimes because of stress and traumatic life experiences a person’s life and individual parts such as thoughts, images and feelings are fractured and require reintegration. Therapy and support can accomplish this and improve their quality of life and their confidence in their abilities.

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